Background of the SINSE JUNE brand comes from Kristian June´s theses. In his thesis, he studied how to create a clothing and accessory collection and symbol for his brand SINSE JUNE only using brands visual appearance as a base. SINSE JUNE brand visual appearance includes only shapes: triangle ▲, circle ● and rectangle ■. So he used those three shapes as a starting point to design patterns for all collection different models. Collection end up to be called as CLASSICAL ELEMENTS COLLECTION. Alchemy, Ancient Greece and legendary fashion designers are the inspiration behind the graphical designs in the collection. In May 2024, his theses will be downloadable publicly on the Theseus system.

All SINSE JUNE: CLASSICAL ELEMENTS COLLECTION models are based on Royalty Free alphabet witch is purchased from the Broderbund company in 1998. Broderbund ClickArt collection was sold on 12 CD´s. On the CD original alphabet files are in the WMF format as vectors. Above is a PNG raster image format example of the letters V, A, O, I, and X of the alphabet.

The SINSE JUNE symbol is also designed only using shapes ▲, ● and ■ as the alphabet. Symbol is called as The BALL0 and above it is in SVG image file format. Designed by Kristian June 2021.


So what is THE JUNE STYLE? It is all about COLOURS and wearing different COLOR on different weekdays. Currently the style has four-week system and it is called #JUNESTYLE. More information about it on separated webpage #JUNESTYLE.

“Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dreams:
Red, gold, and green, red, gold, and green”

Karma Chameleon lyrics by Culture Club, 1983.

N3U – S T U D I O

Yes, we have a physical location a.k.a. Brick and Mortar. That’s where all our magic happens and where all our production is located. We design and make all our articles in Lahti, Finland. Naturally, we use as much as possible recycled materials in our products.

N3U – S T U D I O logo. PETSCII design by Kristian June 2023.

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